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Do you like cats? Do you like cats talking? Do you like cats talking about booties? 

Well we have a new sketch just for you! 

Sassy Batman | Cats Talking Shit | Do She Got a Booty 

People who get tired of hearing about racism have the amazing luxury of not living it.

Must be exhausting not being profiled, beaten, shot, disenfranchised, ridiculed, & oppressed. Just exhausting.

Across cultures,
Darker people suffer most,
— Andre 3000 

To be a negro in this country, and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage almost all the time. — James Baldwin

When you know what you want, call me.
I’m not going anywhere.
You’re just missing out.
thephotographersdomain | XLNB

Sassy Batman Comedy - "When Your Girlfriend Wants to Cuddle"

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Our nation speaks of equality but we see a black man is still 3/5ths of a human. The other two pieces: criminal & dispensable
youngbasicnigga: Did u get into SC directly after high school? Or did you transfer? Really loved your pitch btw

Thanks man. Be sure to vote and share it with other people. 

I actually went to undergrad in Alabama. I’m at the film school at USC for grad school. 

Vote HERE. Read the description to learn why i’m asking for your help in The Music Bed Project Film Supply Competition. 
Rough Around the Edges follows two days in the life of Renee Johnson, a mother forced to make a dangerous decision for the sake of her child. Unemployed, homeless, and living out the back of her car, Renee realizes this isn’t the life she want for her seven year old daughter, Imani. Renee receives an interview for a job, but doesn’t have the funds to hire a babysitter. So on a hot, searing Los Angeles day, Renee leaves Imani in the car as she goes in for her interview. Renee lands the job, but walks outside to find cops breaking into her car to take Imani away. Renee watches as her child is taken away, and she’s arrested for trying to find a better path for herself and her daughter.
This story is based on the events of Shanesha Taylor, an African American woman, who left her two children in the car in 71 degree weather, as she interviewed for a job in Scottsdale, Arizona.
For many, Shanesha’s only crime was being black, poor, and female. For others, regardless of her situation, her choice to leave her children in the car was reprehensible. Still, this is not a story etched in black and white. Instead, it speaks to the state of America, subsidized childcare, and how those in poverty are perpetually kept there by an infrastructure hostile to the needy.
We may never be able to connect to the pain hundred of single mothers’ go through to provide for their children, but we have a chance to tell a story that brings light to the injustices they face as they try to forge a better life.
Every vote for this project counts towards making a film for voices seldom heard in America. I don’t know how far or well my campaign will go, but I have to try. Shanesha’s story is the story of many single mothers across the United States, and it would be a privilege to be able to tell it. 
Please vote: 

"I don’t expect this to be easy." 

"Shopping on Amazon is easy. Figuring out an M. Night Shyamalan’s plot twist is easy. YOUR MOM is easy…but this, this isn’t easy."

"I’ll be gone for a few months."

"I age in dog years."

"I’ll write you everyday."

"We invented a thing called cellphones."

"I’ll be back sooner than you think."

"That’s not fast enough." 


"You know, when you told me you were leaving. I laughed it off. I made myself forget about it every-time I saw you walk out the shower, eat your breakfast, lay your stinky ass feet on my-"


"-OUR dining table…Everyday when you walked out the house, I didn’t want you to come back. I wanted you to get in that shitty Volkswagon, rev up the engine, and never look back." 


"Because I wouldn’t have to say goodbye. I wouldn’t have to cry on cue. I wouldn’t have to hear you say ‘I don’t expect this to be easy’."

"I love you."

"I know, but love isn’t enough sometimes, and this…this is one of those times."


"You’re beautiful." 

"I know." 

"Shit…wish I never gave you the compliment now." 

"Did you expect a cookie?" 

"I expected something." 

"And you received exactly what you deserved for uttering a compliment with strings attached." 


"Good day to you sir." 

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Sarah B. 
Photo by The Photographer’s Domain | Que The Lights
IG: QueTheLights

Amira | Birmingham, AL
Photo by The Photographer’s Domain | Que The Lights
IG: QueTheLights

My little sister. Photography by your boy thephotographersdomain
Sassy Batman featured on Slap Yourself Comedy. 
If you haven’t seen the series watch it HERE.