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Love is a feeling so tumultuous you could throw her off a bridge then dive in to save her.thephotographersdomain

Accolades, accomplishments, nor victories measure your worth. By the mere fact of your being, you are invaluable. Embrace it.thephotographersdomain | XLNB | Que The Lights

A black woman —
She can cry,
& Believe

So why —
Why is her gamut of emotion & expression,
Reduced to “angry”

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I can give you a 100 hundred reasons why you matter, the first being you are a child of God, forever beautiful, meaningful, & important.thephotographersdomain​ | XLNB | Que The Lights

Soft Serve Racism & The Cowardice of Hood Pranks

Twitter leads you to terrible things. Some of the most racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic thoughts find themselves in its ethereal pool of consciousness.

Still, I found myself taken aback by one in particular. This video known as Nerd Raps In The Hood. 

The reason why it even caught my eye is due to the fact I noticed the familiar background. I watched the video and realized the prankster shot this on the corner of Vermont and Exposition, near The University of Southern California. This is about three blocks from where I live. 

What’s so spectacularly disingenuous about the entire fiasco is the fact the prankster has the audacity to call it “Nerd Raps In The Hood.”

If you look at a few screenshots (especially for my people from Los Angeles) you’ll notice that’s USC in the background. 





Regardless of what you view as “the hood” the prankster was a one minute walk from USC, a college university. He was situated at a train, transit corner where blacks, latinos, asians, and whites congregate. 

He’s a minute walk from the USC dorms, the USC police station, Engineering School, and Law School. In no way, was he in the “hood.” 

I called him out on it on twitter. 






His response: 


I then called him out for saying that he shot in Compton: 


His Response: 


I’m not even going to get into how many things are just downright problematic about his last statement, but that’s another discussion. 

The biggest issue here was the deceit, and the use of black bodies as modes of profit. There are some far more racist, “hood prank” videos on the internet, but at least those kids actually go into the hood. It’s stupid, it’s dangerous, but at least it’s authentic. 


As for BigDawsTV, he took a relatively peaceful, well-known part of our USC neighborhood, a part that is right next to the campus, is heavily guarded, with security cameras, a transit station, and pretended that he did his prank in the hood. 

This is even more problematic when you realize the people in his video are probably not aware of his actions, and the fact he’s profiting from their reactions in a video where he mischaracterizes their surroundings as the hood. 

It’s soft-serve racism, and he’s gaining notoriety from it. I have nothing against this child, but I have to point this out. He had named it “Rap Nerd Rapping To Black People” or even “Nerd Raps in the Streets” this might not be (as) problematic, but he blatantly lies for views, while denigrating an entire section of people. 

Earlier, I know I asked you not to watch the video, BUT if you’re from Los Angeles, and you know any of those people in the video please reach out to me. I have no legal standing to ask this video to be taken down, but these guys probably don’t ask their victims to sign release forms. 

If so, all we need is one person from the video to point out their rights are being infringed since they did not sign a release form, and we have a case to take to youtube. 

So once, again, if you know ANYONE in that video, please reach out to me. 

I’m not down for soft-serve racism. You shouldn’t be either. 

A white child can explore by virtue of the world being his dominion. A black child may be killed for indulging his curiosity.

A white child’s experience of the world is enlightening. A black child’s experience is damning.

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Adrian Peterson & The Demonization of Black Parenthood

I don’t care for the demonization of Adrian Peterson. Many people do not understand his worldview, as well as the outlook of black folks. For blacks, strict discipline is enforced due to the volatile nature of society. Our actions are deemed more violent than our white counterparts. 

A white child can discover by virtue of the world being his dominion. A black child must realize the world restricts and demonizes him. 

A white child can explore. A black child may be killed for indulging his curiosity. This is why our punishments are harsher than our white counterparts. 

Black children are beholden to a world where they can be maimed and killed for doing nothing, leading black parents to be more restrictive. Our parents our authoritative because they don’t want a rouge cuss word or act of defiance leaving us in a body bag. 

Adrian Peterson went too far, but I’m not here for the media demonizing him, while ignoring the MANY reasons black parents must be more harsh. 

thephotographersdomain​ | XLNB | Que The Lights

Edit: I’d like to point out this is not in support of Peterson’s action. He went too far. This is just supplying non-POCs an understanding as to why black parents punishments are harsher. In the same breadth we must also realize “discipline” will not save our children from demonization by individuals who ultimately hate us by virtue of our skin color. No amount of beatings, whoopings, or switches to our children’s bottom will save them from the barrel of a cop and/or racist’s gun.
Sassy Batman featured on actor advice, info, and casting website Backstage. 
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Black women were there for us during Trayvon Martin, Ezell Ford, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant, & Mike Brown.

Why are we so silent when issues affecting them come to light? As a man of color, your answer to instances of violence towards your women should not be one of oppression, silence, skepticism, and ridicule.

Journey of a Student Filmmaker: The Midpoint
I recently wrote a guest article on I Am The Nu Black. I get you up to date on my work as a filmmaker, and give you information as to why you should go to film school. 

Do you like cats? Do you like cats talking? Do you like cats talking about booties? 

Well we have a new sketch just for you! 

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People who get tired of hearing about racism have the amazing luxury of not living it.

Must be exhausting not being profiled, beaten, shot, disenfranchised, ridiculed, & oppressed. Just exhausting.

Across cultures,
Darker people suffer most,
— Andre 3000 

To be a negro in this country, and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage almost all the time. — James Baldwin