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Episode 1: The Best He’s Ever Had 

All men in a relationship inevitably ask their girl if he’s the best she’s ever had in bed. Sex is a tricky topic, and a man’s ego is the most sensitive piece of equipment. So we asked ladies on twitter how they deal with the topic. 

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Sassy Batman is on the front page of @FunnyorDie again. Link is in the bio. Check it!


Batman just wants some peace and relaxation…but he’s not going to get it! 

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Batman just wants to get his boots back…and he’ll do anything possible to get them!

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What’s up everyone! I’m proud to say that the first episode of Sassy Batman is up! You can watch it here: 

Sassy Batman Episode 1: The Dark Boots

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Finished up applying to the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. Hoping an opportunity comes out of this if I’m chosen. 
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Got featured on an @MTV site for a short piece I did with @thetristanbailey called “Broken Pieces.” 

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From concept to production:
We’re in post production now on Sassy Batman and I’m just amazed that we knocked it out. That’s the beauty of working with talent people. 

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Sassy Batman - Click Here

It’s time you checked out my latest project, Sassy Batman! He’s the purveyor of justice, truth, & shade! Follow us on our sites! 




Sassy Batman featured on Voices From Krypton:

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Worked as the cinematographer on a Breaking Bad parody commercial. Caught a quick shot for one of the actors while working.

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Be sure to watch the trailer for my latest series coming out in late February/Early March.