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"Why fight one another? Why not love, just live? I mean, we’re all one human race…"

"You’re a few genocides, seven colonized continents, a collection of apartheid states, and an assortment of atrocities in the name of religious and racial superiority too late for the ‘we’re all one human race’ schtick."

"Goddammit Pookie why you gotta make everything all political’n shit."

"Because this world’s fucked. You’re fucked. I’m fucked, and there’s nothing we can do but sit back and enjoy."


"Gotta get you a girlfriend. Phase out all this Malcolm X Louis Farrakhan I’m the black messiah bullshit."

You are beautiful
You are strong
You are more than the preconceived notions they set upon you.
A Black Woman (via youaresobeautifultoday)

For you, I’d say many things…and I’m sure some of my words would be true.thephotographersdomain / @XLNB

Anonymous: But if my skin complexation was lighter, I would be a whole lot prettier.

Embrace who you are. You are beautiful if you are dark. You are beautiful if you are light. You are beautiful for being you. 


“The world told me to postpone the inevitability of falling in love with you, but I couldn’t help succumbing to such a fate.”

@thephotographersdomain / @XLNB

New comedy sketch on the Sassy Batman Youtube Channel! 

King of the Dance Studio - with inspiration from Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Check it out and give it a reblog! Look us up on Funny or Die too! 

"Why didn’t you fight for me?"


“When i was crying, you should’ve held me. When I was sick, you should’ve comforted me. When I was scared, you should’ve kissed me. When I said it was over, you should’ve come for me.”

“I’m here now.”

"Now isn’t when I needed you. Now should’ve been before."

A Dialogue Too Late 

thephotographersdomain / @XLNB

Love with no ulterior expectations.thephotographersdomain / @XLNB

Whatever it is…

Don’t let it get to you.
You are strong
You will get through it
It will ache you
But you will survive…

thephotographersdomain / XLNB

The day you disallow men labeling you “hoe” to affect you, is the day you’ll be liberated from societal constraints.

Why? Here are a few reasons men call women hoes:
- Talking to a guy they hate
- Saying no to their advances
- Blinking your eye
- Having fun
- Breathing
- Being alive

By understanding this, you realize the word hoe is defined by its power to control your actions and state of mind.

To my men, can you look at your sexual activities and call a women out of her name without hypocrisy? Do you still live in a world of double standards?

You cannot be defined by a word. Do not allow someone else to define you.

thephotographersdomain / XLNB

If anyone ever says you look beautiful then immediately follows it questioning if you are mixed or not…take it as an insult every time.

"You’re so pretty."
“Thank you.”
“Are you mixed?”
“Gonna take that thank you back now.”

Your blackness does not need another “ethnicity” to justify your inherent beauty.

It is an insult. It is never a compliment. Don’t let anyone downplay the artistry that is your ancestry.

thephotographersdomain - @XLNB