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Being a Filmmaker

This entire semester has been a clusterfuck of pure awesome. Seriously, I’m balls deep in joyous uproar over the fact I’ve made so much progress as a filmmaker. As an individual, I can honestly say I know so much more about the passion I’m pursuing. 

In my heart, no one can say I’m just a guy with a camera. It means so much more to me. Instead of being a slave to the specifics of a camera I now realize the importance of the individual behind it. A camera does not take quality images. The person behind it does. 

My goals are the same. My passion is still pure. I’m hungry. I want to learn. I need to do better. I remember when I first walked into my teacher’s office showing off my old work. I was so proud back then, and I’m so happy she didn’t rip me a new one. She showed me (through making me better) how much guidance I needed. I realized through my own progression the road towards mastery of this craft was still far ahead of me. 

This made me realize how much I had left. It made me realize how much more work I needed to put in to become better. 

In our class, the university, and in general too few people have hunger to shoot. To just shoot and shoot and shoot. If there is nothing my classes taught me this semester, it’s the fact the true brunt of learning has outside of the classroom. 

Give me guidance and I will walk for miles beyond your expectation. 

Now, I feel that my goal as a filmmaker needs to shift. For over a year I have focused on the technicality of shooting and I want to more so pinpoint on the more human element. 

Screenwriting, Treatments, Storyboards, Scripts…

I want to become more sound as a pure storyteller. Why? Because I know an abundance of people who can make a pretty picture with a camera. Far few know how to integrate storytelling and aesthetic together. 

So that is my next mission. 

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